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Ramanathapuram Rameswaram

Ramanathapuram is also known as Ramnad Zamin was a permanently settled zamindari estate in the Ramnad subdivision of the Madura district of the Madras Presidency in British India. It comprises the southern and eastern parts of Madura district.It is the administrative headquarters of Ramanthapuram District.

Tourists visit Ramnad to see the Raja Palace, which is still occupied by Sethupaty Raja and his family to this day. It is close to Rameswaram and Devipattinam.

Ramanathapuram district has an area of 4,232-sq-km and occupies part of the flat southern coastal plains, including the island of Rameswaram.Ramanathapuram is protected from the northeastern and southwestern monsoons by the Western Ghats to the west and the mountains of Sri Lanka to the southeast, it has an unusually dry climate, but irrigation tanks enable the district to produce chilies and cotton for export.

Prime attractions are Rameswaram,Gandamadhana Parvata,Sethu and Tiruppullani.


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