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  Rameswaram Geographical Details

Rameswaram is as ancient as Ramayana. This place was noted in Ramayana. Devotees hailed Rameswaram as the Varanasi of the south. This island people Trust Sea for their living. It is treated as a holy place, devotees bathe in the sea and bathing gate is popular there. Rameswaram is known for its long corridors and towers and 36 theerthams. Veranda is 197metres long south to north. The temple is facing the east. The sea is just 100metres away from the entrance of the temple. Sea is very calm, that water is considered scared.

There is a wonderful story beside this name Rameswaram. Rama sacred this place by worshipping lord shiva after the war against Ravana. So saivites as well vaishnavites visit Rameswaram with devotion.

There are many famous Temple located near Rameswaram. Kondandarama temple is located on the way between Dhanushkoti and the ramanatha temple. Ramanatha temple is the places which attract the devotees.


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